When you talk to someone about massage, they often have two schools of thought. They either think of erotica or they think about relaxation techniques. What people don’t realise is that there are many different elements of this discipline that go throughout history. If you study the history of massage, you will find that there are a lot of different areas to consider. Yes, there are definitely elements of the erotic that have been part of that history, but there’s also a great deal of medicinal purpose behind this art. In fact, when you read ancient texts, you will find that civilizations from the past have used this methodology to help heal, rehab, and isolate a grand variety of different maladies. It’s with that in mind, that you should consider the many benefits of massage throughout the history of civilization. They not only become relevant points from the past, they become absolutely relevant today, especially if you want to learn how to be a masseuse in the modern era.

Massage As A Sign of Reverence

The first major thing that you may see throughout history is the humble servants of royalty using massage to alleviate stress, and honor deity. In fact, in ancient Egypt, and even the Roman Empire, servants would massage the feet of kings with precious oil, and scents. This was a sign of reverence. It would be echoed in the Biblical record as well. There’s a certain humbleness and servitude applied to washing, massaging, and anointing the feet of someone special. Today, foot massage is often revered, and even focused upon through reflexology. It’s something that can be immensely beneficial on a lot of different levels.

Massage For Relieving Tension

In the past, medical breakthrough would come through fast. One of the medical shifts was in regards to the study pain management. As opiates, and other elements were used to drown pain, many discovered that tension, muscle strain, and even injury could be alleviated with the use of massage. As you start to break down the history of massage, you’ll find that in Easter Medicine, and even religion, this type of work was used to help with certain manifestations of pain. Today, the same concepts are used to help people deal with headaches, sports injury, and even back pain. If you’re having pain in the lower back, and you don’t want to go through with the rigors of surgery, a therapist can help align the back, and give you a second lease. People that have a regular appointment with a back specialist, and get regular reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture will testify to the fact that back pain can be alleviated by the touch of healing hands.

Massage Assisting With Sleep

Throughout history, stress has built towards sleeplessness, anxiety, and more. While there are some people that will face this on a medical scale, masseuses have been able to alleviate problems of the mind with specialized touch. Furthermore, it has been shown that healing hands could help those that have trouble relaxing, and sleeping get a helping hand. Now, this is not the “only” path to getting rest, but it can be one of the factors that you consider when studying the history of massage as a whole. Assisting with sleep is done through the loosening of tense muscle tissue, and nerve endings that can become impacted. You may not immediately consider this notion, but often times, a bit of relaxation can go a long way to help with insomnia, anxiety, panic disorder and more. Now, this is not to say that there is no need for physicians, it’s simply to state that massage can assist with these maladies, when focused on by a trained professional in the field.

The Unseen Sports Heroes Helped With Massage

It happens all the time. You see your favorite football player go down in pain, and he seems to be out of the game. He is carted to the locker room, and you don’t see him. What happens? In the case that a player does not have a broken leg, or anything that is tremendously damaged, you may see them return. Why? Well, that’s another lesson in the history of massage as a whole. Sports teams, including the NFL as a whole hire a great deal of sports masseuses. These are specialty masseuses that focus on alleviating cramps, muscle sprains, strain, and more. A player that is having trouble running after going hard for the first two quarters of a game, can get back out there with fresh legs after an intense massage, given by an expert in the field of holistic, sports therapy. Simply put, modernity has a lot to thank to the history of the massage world.


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