Frequently asked questions about massage therapy training courses.

Can you explain the 5-Day Course vs. the 10-Day Course?

The 5-Day Course is to earn a Certificate in Raynor Massage, which allows you to practice massage professionally. The 10-Day Course is a combined program for the Certificate and the Diploma in Raynor Massage. This combined course offers much more hands-on experience than just the Certificate course has. It also teaches reflexology and aromatherapy techniques within the principles of Raynor Massage.

How is it possible to learn professional massage therapy in just 5 or 10 days when other massage courses last 6 months to as long as 3 years?

We focus our teaching on the principles of Raynor Massage and what is involved in practicing excellent massage therapy. We teach exactly what is needed to provide a complete, effective and safe massage treatment. Many massage schools and colleges focus heavily on the rote learning of anatomical terms in Latin.

We disagree with that approach and think it is important for practitioners to learn the language of massage that helps them communicate effectively with their clients. By placing our emphasis on the principles of massage therapy we can move along much more quickly, saving money & time for our students. From the very first day of class you will not only be giving but also receiving massage.

If I complete this course will it be legal for me to practice massage therapy professionally?

You can certainly work in the UK upon completing the course.

The laws vary in different countries throughout the world. They also change constantly. So if you have enquiries about other countries please get in touch.

Are there any additional costs for taking your courses?

No, we include course notes with the cost of tuition. There are good quality massage tables, videos, charts and books that we sell during the course. However these are totally optional extras available for purchase for those who want them.

How can I expect to remember all the coursework, material and information taught after I graduate?

You will receive comprehensive notes of all coursework along with a DVD to refer back to and reinforce your knowledge. While taking the course there will be plenty of time for revising your methods as well as a lot of practice doing massage. There is also Facebook Group where students go to ask any questions they have or to discuss things that come up in their practice. You can also contact Dave Taylor via email if you have questions or somehow get stuck after you’ve completed the course.

Do you give written exams? What if English is not my mother tongue?

All assessments of your work are based on the practical application of all that you’ve learned. There are no written assignments or exams. You will be assessed on a continuous basis by your teacher who will provide you with constant feedback throughout the course guiding you every step of the way. If you speak and understand basic English you will be perfectly fine.

What happens if I do not pass the practical assessment?

If for some reason you do not end up meeting the requirements needed to practice Raynor Massage you would be invited back to retake the course sometime in the future. The only exception to this would be if someone were asked to leave because they breached our Professional Code of Conduct. We would mark the record as if the student had withdrawn.

Is there much demand for massage therapists?

The industry is huge and there is always great demand for top quality massage therapists. Raynor Massage does set you apart from a lot of other massage practitioners because it is especially effective in treating injuries at their source as well as long-standing chronic problems.

What requirements do I have to meet to enrol in your courses?

You do not need to meet any particular academic requirements to qualify for enrolment. We have students ranging in age from 16 all the way up to 75 years old. What we need from you is a willingness to take instruction and learn. We also want you to be a caring individual who wants to help people. A solid sense of touch is very useful, but you will develop this during the course if you do not already have this.


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