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Risk Assessment

Here is our full risk assessment, published in line with government guidelines.

This document identifies the Covid-19-related risks that students and teachers might encounter when attending or delivering Massage Training Courses

We have identified and tackled potential risks:

  1. Before the course takes place.
  2. When travelling to the course.
  3. During the delivery of the course.
  4. After the course.

We’re making the findings and strategies outlined in this document publicly available on our website as recommended by the new government guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the course.


  • Student/Teacher or someone from the household infected with Covid-19 or in close contact with an infected person
  • Student/Teacher within vulnerable population
  • Student/Teacher unaware of transmission risks and additional hygiene measures needed

Mitigating actions:

As per government guidelines, we are communicating with students during their booking to make sure they:
(a) do not show any symptoms;
(b) haven’t been in contact with someone showing symptoms;
(c) haven’t been abroad to a country where it’s necessary to quarantine on your return in the last 14 days
(d) understand additional hygiene measures and that the use of PPE will be required during the course.

This includes but isn’t limited to: Emailing all students prior to the training to remind them not to attend if they are showing symptoms or have been asked to self isolate by the NHS Track and Trace system as well as instructing them on the necessary PPE to bring to the training course.

Students and Teachers will be asked to self check their own health everyday before coming to the course.

Students and Teachers travelling to the course each day.


  • Contamination risk when using public transport through touching contaminated surfaces
  • Contamination risk when using public transport through equipment (for example massage tables) touching contaminated surfaces
  • Contamination through touching doorknobs and other contaminated surfaces upon arrival and departure from the training centre.

Mitigating actions:

Service etiquette updated to include the following recommendations:

  • Limit use or time on public transport – you can do that by walking, cycling or travel by car where possible.
  • Wear a mask while travelling on public transport.
  • Students and Teachers will be asked to wash their hands as soon as they arrive at the training centre and before entering the main training room.

Massage equipment will be carried in protecting coverings/bags to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

During the delivery of the training course.


  • Teacher or Students attending the course when they show symptoms or have been exposed to coronavirus within the last 14 days
  • Contamination due to Teachers lack of understanding of the virus, how it spread and how to prevent contamination
  • Contamination due to poor ventilation of training room
  • Contamination due to close proximity between students and/or students and teachers. This is one of the cases identified by the government where a service cannot be carried out with the 2m distance rule.

Mitigating actions:

  • Teacher or Students with symptoms instructed to not attend the course.
  • All Teachers must complete an accredited COVID19 transmission prevention training provided by an independent external provider.
  • Order and use mandatory PPE relevant for their work to be used when massaging which is a face mask plus either a plastic visor or goggles.
  • Students are advised, where possible to travel alone to the training course and not bring additional people like friends or family.
  • Space the students apart where possible and minimise face to face settings. Aim for side to side settings where possible.
  • There is increased cleaning of the common touch points within the training room.
  • Students will be shown how to wipe down their massage tables and other equipment after use with the emphasis being on each person taking self-responsibility
After the Course


  • Teacher or Student develops symptoms in the 14 days following the course

Mitigating actions:

  • Students and Teachers will be asked to inform the NHS track and trace service if they develop symptoms after the training course.
  • Contact information for all students and teachers will be kept available for the NHS Track and Trace service for 21 days after the course finishes.

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