Level 3 Massage Course

We have years of experience getting students qualified to a high level with short, intensive training courses. We have more than 150 5-Star reviews on Google from happy graduates who are now successfully running their own massage therapy businesses.

Dave has a unique approach to teaching that gives students the confidence they need to start massaging straight away after completing the course.

You will be very well looked after throughout the process. Prior to starting the training, Dave and his team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. They will also offer advice on the things you’ll likely need to get your massage business launched. Once you’ve completed the course, you will have full access to Dave himself. He encourages his students to stay in touch regarding their progress. You should have no qualms about asking him for help and support with anything you need.

The 4 Stages

Stage 1 – Certificate Course
Stage 2 – Diploma Course
Stage 3 – Online Training Modules, which include:

Level 3 – Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
Level 3 – Health Safety & Hygiene
Level 3 – Business & Management

Stage 4 – Case Studies

Here is a more in-depth explanation of everything involved in this undertaking:

Stage 1 – The 5-Day Certificate Course

Every student who trains with me, regardless of whether they are a complete beginner or have had previous experience, starts with the Certificate Course. This course teaches you everything you need to know in order to provide a safe and extremely effective deep tissue therapeutic massage. This course lasts over 5 days and currently takes place in both London and Dublin.

The Certificate Course covers:

  • The various contraindications of massage therapy. When it is safe to massage the client and when massage should be completely avoided due to medical conditions the client may have
  • Full Body Massage using the Raynor Method
  • The History of Massage: How it has evolved throughout the years and in different cultures
  • Taking a case history from clients
  • Hygiene: The correct procedures to follow when massaging
  • Professional behaviour for massage therapists, including professional boundaries
  • Creating the right atmosphere
  • Draping: How to ensure your client is appropriately covered throughout the massage
  • The qualities of a good massage therapist
  • The importance of working with the client’s breath
  • How much pressure to use: Learning the scale of 1 to 10
  • How and why does massage actually work?
  • The Partnership Model of massage therapy
  • Timing your massage and discussing how long the massage should last
  • How to deal with negative energy while protecting yourself
  • The digestive system and abdominal massage
  • The tools of the trade: Selecting the best massage table and choosing your oil
  • Getting a policy for the correct level of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Upon completion of the Certificate Course you will be eligible to obtain insurance and once insured, you can start massaging professionally.

Stage 2 – The 5-Day Diploma Course

The Diploma Course is available to all graduates of the Certificate Course. You can take the Diploma Course as soon as you complete your Certificate training.

Many students will combine both courses, taking them back-to-back across 2 weeks with the weekend off in between.

Other students choose to have gap between the Certificate Course and Diploma Course. The good news is that during this break you can start massaging professionally, which allows you to put into practise everything you’ve learned so far.

Another option is to sign up for my residential retreat in Devon, which combines the Certificate and Diploma training over 8 days with accommodation and meals included.

The Diploma Course covers:

  • Massaging the side of the body including a powerful hip release
  • Assisted Table Stretching: Perfect for clients looking for Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Gentle Spinal Manipulation: How to safely adjust (crack) your client’s back during massage
  • Introduction to Reflexology: How to incorporate this with Raynor Massage
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy: The correct blending ratios and the benefits of different essential oils
  • Initial Client Consultation: Dave teaches you his tried and tested winning formula, taking you step-by-step in explaining how he conducts the initial client consultation
  • Business Module: Everything you need to know to get your business up and running
  • Plus, time to refresh and practice all the techniques you learned in the Certificate Course
  • Upon competition of the course you will receive your Diploma in Raynor Massage

Stage 3 – Online Training Modules

In addition to the ‘in-person’ training that the Certificate and Diploma courses offer, you will be required to complete some home study conducted through online training modules:

Module 1 – Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

The Units you will study in this course are:

The Organisation of the Body
The Skin, Hair and Nails
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
The Respiratory System
The Cardiovascular System
The Lymphatic and Immune System
The Digestive System
The Urinary System
The Reproductive System

Module 2 – Level 3 Business & Management for Health & Wellness Professionals

This course covers everything that a massage therapist will need to begin and develop their business. It includes:

Legal and Financial requirements
Business and Marketing planningModule 3 – Level 3 Health Safety & Hygiene for Health & Wellness Professionals

This course gives Massage Therapists an insight to the competencies that are needed in order to successfully manage workplace health and safety activities.

It provides an easy-to-understand overview of:

How to manage health, safety and hygiene in the workplace
How to identify workplace hazards and establish control measures to minimise risks
How to monitor health, safety and hygiene within the workplace and recommend improvements to policies and procedures

Stage 4 – Case Studies

Graduates are required to complete a number of case studies with real clients. These can be your friends, family members or paying clients.
The case studies are very structured, so you will be provided with a template to complete. The purpose of these case studies is for you to demonstrate that you are thoroughly thinking through your treatments and showing that you have a full understanding of everything you have been taught so far.
Once your Case Studies have been submitted and assessed you will receive your Level 3 Diploma in Raynor Massage (Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage).

The cost of the training varies according to location. It starts from £1195 for the Certificate Course. Both the Certificate and Diploma courses cost £2095. To upgrade your Diploma to Level 3 with the Online Training Modules and Case Studies it would be an additional £340.

You can pay for all the courses and training together or you can stagger them over several months (or years), taking one course at a time.

You can securely submit payment for all the courses through the website with our safe and secure online booking system.

Deposit and Installments

All the courses are usually booked up in advance. You can reserve your place with a deposit starting from £350. The remaining balance is not due until 14 days before the course begins.

If you book a course several months in advance, it gives you time to pay the remaining balance. I also offer an opportunity to make instalment payments on the remaining balance.

For example, if you book the Certificate Course through the website by paying a deposit in January for a Certificate Course that commences in July, you spread the remaining balance over 5 monthly payments, paying portions in February, March, April, May and June.

Alternatively, you can pay the full amount all at once.

Or, you can pay the deposit and then pay the remaining balance 14 days before the course begins.

Interest Free Credit

Some students may be eligible for 4 months of Interest Free Credit – Subject to Status.

Payment Plan

I can offer a payment plan for all students in which 50% of the course fee is paid in advance. The remaining 50% is spread over 3 monthly payments after the course is completed. Your Certification will then be issued once the final payment has been received.

For example:

Certificate Course that takes place in March – Total cost £1195.

Initial 50% deposit of £595 to be paid up front leaving a £600 remaining balance.

Take the course in March.

April 30th – £200 (remaining balance)
May 31st – £200 (remaining balance)
June 30th – £200 (remaining balance)

Once the final payment has been made then your Certificate will be issued.

You are required to attend 5 days of massage training classes from Monday to Friday for the Certificate Course and another 5 days of classes for the Diploma Course, Monday to Friday.

The training starts promptly at 0900 every weekday and will conclude no later than 1700. You will get a lunch break lasting 45 minutes to an hour each day.

The online part of the training can be taken at your own pace at home. As a rough guide, I would allow 5 days to complete this portion of the coursework.

Course Handbooks

You will receive a handbook for both the Certificate and Diploma courses. In addition to the massage course handbooks you will be given some laminated charts that specifically apply to Raynor Massage.

Massage Training Reference Videos

All students will be given access to my online massage training reference videos. These videos contain every technique taught during the course, close-up with explanations. Having access to these videos makes the in-person training more relaxed, knowing that you can watch the massage demonstrations again at home on these videos. Therefore, you can pay full attention to the demonstrations without being distracted by having to take notes.

What to Bring

Every student is required to bring 3 large bath sheets or fleece throws and 2 hand towels. These are what you will lie on and be covered with while being massaged.

I prefer to use fleece throws in these sizes:

125cm x 150cm is large enough to cover the table and lie on top of.
150cm x 200cm is large enough to cover your whole body.

They can be purchased from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dreamscene-Fleece-Luxury-Blanket-Silver/dp/B07K7PX2D9/ref=sr_1_3?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1544980619&sr=1-3&keywords=polar+fleece+throw+200

What to Wear

Wear something loose and comfortable and nothing too ‘figure hugging’. Please ensure that your top covers your shoulders. A t-shirt or polo shirt is great.

How to Prepare Physically for The Course

Your fingernails will need to be trimmed very short for the course, as short as you can possibly clip them. This is non-negotiable. If your finger nails are not trimmed short you will not be able to participate in the training course. Please don’t wear any varnish or acrylic on your nails that will prohibit you from trimming them.

Facial make up should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Please remove as much jewellery as possible, including earrings.

You will receive many benefits when you choose Dave Taylor Training as your course provider, compared to other massage training providers:

Help Getting Your Massage Business Started

Dave Taylor was a student in 2010 taking the same training course that he now teaches. At that time, he was a complete beginner with no prior experience working as a massage therapist. As soon as he qualified, Dave opened his clinic in Sutton, London, which is now a hugely successful business with three therapists, all trained in Raynor Massage.

Dave is not only passionate about teaching his students how to massage, but also everything involved in building and running a successful massage therapy business. During the coursework Dave will share the details of how he got his business up and running. He will teach you how to build your client base through advertising. Dave’s aim is for students to feel confident enough by the end of their Certificate Course to start massaging professionally.

You can see a directory of some of Dave’s graduates who are already up and running with their own businesses here: https://davetaylortraining.co.uk/graduates/. Are you ready to join them?

Fully Insured to Start Massaging Real Clients After Just 5 Days

Most other training courses don’t give you your Certificate until you have completed every stage of the training. This usually takes a minimum of 4 months. Dave doesn’t think that it should take this long to get people to a level where they can massage safely and the truth is, it doesn’t!

Dave believes that people only become awesome massage therapists once they start working on real clients. It’s for this reason that his initial Certificate Course contains everything needed for graduates to be able to give a safe and effective massage. This 5-Day Certificate Course has been examined and approved by the leading insurance providers, which means that graduates can get insured and start massaging professionally straight away without delay.

Hands-On Practical Training – No Written Exams

You will be massaging on Day One of the course. Unlike other training providers, we don’t believe that massage is best learned sitting at a desk in a classroom. Instead we use a three- step approach in which every day the students will:

Observe Massage
Receive Massage
Give MassageEvery day the instructor will repeat the massage techniques that have been demonstrated on the previous days while adding some new ones. It’s this process of learning that very quickly allows students to massage to a very high standard in a very short time.

Fully Supported at Every Stage

Dave prides himself on the amount of support that he gives students before, during and after the training. Every student gets his personal mobile number and is free to contact him directly. In addition, we set up a WhatsApp group for every course that allows the students to keep in touch with each other and reach out directly to Dave. There is also a private Facebook group that all graduates can join and it’s a thriving community where everyone is supported.

Learn A Style of Massage That Clients Will Pay A Premium For

Raynor Massage is a truly deep tissue, therapeutic massage that clients often derive amazing results from and that they don’t get from most other therapists. This whole-body approach recognises how the body is connected. This system of bodywork treats the muscle and skeletal systems, as well as the energy systems throughout the body.

A huge emphasis is put on recognising that tension can be held in the body physically and emotionally. Therefore, clients can experience both physical as well as an emotional release as a result of this approach.

This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced massage therapists who want to learn Raynor Massage. You don’t need to have any previous qualifications in order to take part.

Every day students will be giving and receiving massage and for this reason it’s necessary for all students to be physically fit enough to fully participate. There must be no medical conditions that would prohibit you from taking part.

You will be training directly with Dave Taylor who has been teaching massage since 2015. Dave completed his Certificate and Diploma course training back in 2010 and thereafter proceeded to build his massage therapy business. He was then introduced to Brandon Raynor, the Australian naturopath who created Raynor Massage, when Brandon came to London to teach his Advanced course. Dave and Brandon formed a very strong connection, which prompted Dave to become a teacher. You can read more about Dave here: https://davetaylortraining.co.uk/dave-taylor/

Graduates of the training can receive the following qualifications.

Certificate in Raynor Massage
Diploma in Raynor Massage
Level 3 – Diploma in Raynor Massage
Level 3 – Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
Level 3 – Health Safety & Hygiene
Level 3 – Business & Management

All Graduates Can Get Fully Insured

Dave Taylor has negotiated with a leading Professional Indemnity Insurance provider, Westminster Global, who can provide a high level of insurance that covers you worldwide. https://uk.westminster.global/?Introducer=8114. Graduates can also get covered through popular insurance provider Balens.

There are many opportunities available for graduates of Dave Taylor Training’s Level 3 Diploma Course.

Let me break down the different ways that you can work as a Raynor Massage Therapist:

Mobile Massage Therapist: This allows you to massage clients in their own home or workplace. This is a premium service and there is a huge demand for Mobile Massage Therapists who can offer a quality massage.

Work from Home: You can set up your business from home. Some therapists will use a spare room and others will simply adapt an existing space like their living or dining room.

Rent A Treatment Room: There are lots of clinics available throughout the country that have treatment rooms available for rent. This can be a ‘pay as you go’ arrangement in which you simply pay for each hour of use. Or, you can choose to rent the room for a day, week or month at a time. Some therapists have approached Gyms and Yoga studios to see if they have an available space that could be used as a therapy room.

Gain Employment: You will also be able to apply for jobs where the entry requirement is a Level 3 qualification in body massage.

Level 3 Massage Course

About the Level 3 Diploma Course

For any questions you might have
– CALL 020 8286 9763

This massage training course option upgrades the Raynor Massage Diploma to a Fully Accredited Level 3 qualification.

Who Needs a Level 3 Massage Diploma?

Many massage therapists will never need to have a Level 3 qualification and find either my Certificate or Diploma Level training is perfectly adequate. There are some circumstances where a Level 3 qualification is desirable, however.

Let me go through some of these situations below.

Working From Home – Special Treatment License

If you live in London and you want to establish a business working from home or set up a  building as your treatment room then it’s highly likely your local council will require you to apply for a Special Treatment License. Many councils want you to have a Level 3 qualification in order to apply. In many cases you can be exempt from needing to apply for a Special Treatment License if you belong to a Professional Body called ThinkTree. All graduates of my Level 3 course are eligible to become ThinkTree members.

Continued Professional Development Courses

Many massage therapists like to enhance their skills by attending further training courses. For example doing a course in Reflexology or Lymphatic Draining Massage. Often, but not always, these courses require you to already hold a Level 3 qualification in massage in order to be accepted onto the course.

Choosing To Become Employed (rather than working for yourself)

Some massage therapists choose to become employed rather than self-employed. This could mean, for example, getting a job working in a Hotel or a Spa. Many employers are happy to employ each therapist based on their ability and experience. Other employers require you to have a Level 3 qualification regardless of your experience or background.

Personally, I always try and discourage graduates from any of my training courses from seeking to be employed and would instead encourage you to be self-employed where you can run your own business, get your own clients, and earn your own money. However, if you do choose to apply to work for an employer who requires you to have a Level 3 Diploma then I can help you achieve that too.

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Who Doesn’t Need a Level 3 Massage Diploma?

Many therapists won’t need to have a Level 3 Diploma and will find all they require within my Certificate and Diploma courses. Let me give you some examples of people who won’t find it necessary to have a Level 3.

Working As A Self-Employed Mobile Massage Therapist

If you are working mobile, going to clients’ homes or workplaces then you shouldn’t need a Special Treatment License and there should be no need for you to upgrade to the Level 3.

Working From An Existing Therapy Room Or Clinic

If you work from a place that already has a Special Treatment License or the local council does not require the building or the therapists to have one then you will not need to have a Level 3 qualification.

Working From Home (Outside London)

Many local councils outside London and major cities currently have no requirement at all for Massage Therapists to have a Special Treatment License in order to work from home and therefore won’t need to have the Level 3 upgrade.

“Great course ! I’m a personal trainer and the training was really hands on which suits my learning style! Really enjoyed the space where we did the training and found all the teachers really knowledgeable and passionate about the Raynor massage
Thank you and I will be doing the other certifications”

Ryan Stanton

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