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The Advanced Diploma Course is taught by Brandon Raynor and it is your opportunity learn how Raynor massage techniques can be used to reach their full potential. The course teaches you how to quickly diagnose where clients are holding their tension and focuses on figuring out strategies to produce a tension free body. There is a lot of emphasis on how to get deep seated emotions to release and the course involves a lot of deep abdominal work.

Brandon teaches the course as though the students are the patients, so the students will be treated as case studies throughout the course. Each student will receive a lot of massage! So not only is it a way for you to learn new methods, many students also find it to be a very transformative healing journey.

Brandon will show you how to diagnose and therefore plan your treatments quicker, more smoothly and more effectively allowing you to get great results, in a shorter period of time. You will learn how to gain greater insight into improving your rhythm and flow with your massage allowing you to unblock the deepest blockages that people can hold within.

This course is intensive and is taught at a fast but invigorating pace in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is suggested that you only book this course if you are comfortable with both giving and receiving Raynor Massage

Take advantage of this great opportunity of seeing first hand Brandon’s vision of how this massage can be used to achieve the most amazing release of tension. This Advanced Raynor Massage Course is only held once a year in London.

“Fantastic! A great 5 days spent on the intensive certificate course. Would highly recommend trainer – Dave Taylor. An extremely friendly , down to earth massage therapist/trainer with heaps of experience in the industry, therefore enabling the delivery of great training of ‘Raynor Massage’.”

Alfreds Massage

Graduates reviews & testimonials

“This was the best course I’ve ever been, the techniques have been amazing, I learned a lot. Thank you Brandon, it was a eye opening experience.”

Stanis Cristian

“This experience was exceptional Raynor Massage has been transformative for me in so many ways. I will be forever grateful to Brandon Raynor in helping me not only learning a fantastic skill but helping me get rid of some tension that really needed to go.”

Keogh Reid

“Fantastic course would highly recommend”

Trevor Nicholls

“Can honestly say one of the best decisions of my life doing this coarse, if I never earn one pound from it , it has enriched my life and those around me .. thank you. Tommo..”

Martin Thompson


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