I offer two fast-track massage training courses. The Raynor Massage Certificate Course & The Raynor Massage Diploma Course. Each course lasts for 5 days and all students need to have completed the Certificate Course before studying to Diploma level. Let me tell you more about each course.

The Raynor Massage Certificate Course

The 5 Day Certificate Course introduces you to Raynor Massage and you will be taught how to give an effective full-body, deep-tissue massage. In addition you will also be shown how to take a clients medical history and recognise any contraindications why massage may not be suitable for them.

This Certificate Course is perfect for someone who is interested in learning a new skill and wants to help friends and family. You will receive a fully recognised Certificate that enables you to get Full Professional Indemnity Insurance which covers you if you wanted to work professionally. So it is possible to start working with your Certificate.

The Raynor Massage Diploma Course

The Diploma covers takes the massage learnt in the Certificate Course to a different level and is designed for those looking to be a professional massage therapist.

The Diploma Course includes:

  • A full range of stretches which are useful for clients seeking Sports Massage.
  • Working the side of the body focussing on deep hip release work
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • An introduction to Aromatherapy
  • An introduction to Reflexology
  • Enhanced massage techniques including back adjustment

In the Diploma Course I also have a Business Workshop, where I teach you everything I learnt on my journey to building a successful business as a massage therapist, including website building, how to use social media, marketing, promotions and online voucher deals.

There are three different ways you do this training

1. 5 Day Certificate Course
2. Combined Certificate & Diploma Course back to back over 10 days
3. Or you can do the 5 Day Certificate Course and have a gap before upgrading your skills to Diploma Level

Any questions, then please don’t hesitate to call me – 020 8286 9763


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