Putney is a district in the south west of London. The area covers just over 9 square kilometres and has been a part of the Wandsworth District of London since 1885. Putney is known as a centre for rowing due to its proximity to the River Thames and is also home to the renowned Putney Bridge. The district has produced several famous people, including noted English statesman Oliver Cromwell. Putney, however, has a lot more to offer discerning travellers who are willing to do a little exploration. Let us take a tour of Putney!

Things to do and see in Putney, London

Putney, London is home to many unique attractions. Some of the most enticing are:  The Putney Bridge, Rowing in Putney, The Wandsworth Museum, Wandsworth Park, Putney Sculpture Trail, Open spaces for walking and cycling, St. Mary’s Church, and enjoying the entertainment and dining options in Putney.

The Putney Bridge is a famous landmark in Putney, London, which connects Putney on the Southside to Fulham on the north. The Putney Wharf Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Putney is located on the south side of the bridge, adding to its allure. The attractively designed bridge is a treasure trove of history and visitors can do a self-guided tour of this national monument and capture as many photographs as they desire!

Also, Rowing on the river Thames is a pastime synonymous with the district of Putney. There are several rowing clubs in the Putney and surrounding areas, most of these clubs accept membership from amateurs to professionals. The University Boat Race is an annual event in Putney that attracts a legion of rowing fans; there are also many additional rowing events that pass-through Putney throughout the year. If you are a fan of rowing or is just intrigued by the sport, Putney, London is a place that you would want to visit.

Another place to visit in Putney, London is the Wandsworth Museum. This museum chronicles the history of the area through artefacts from different periods in the history of the town. One of the noted artefacts in the museum is an ornate iron age shield that was found on the River Thames. A visit to this museum will give you insights into the social and cultural history of the Wandsworth and Putney region. In addition to the museum, the Wandsworth/Putney area is also home to the tranquil Wandsworth Park. This is an 8-hectare space with over 350 different tree species and several green spaces for you to enjoy with friends and family. It is also home to some of the sculptures of the Putney Sculpture trail. The Putney Sculpture trail is a collection of nine sculptures, created by British Sculptor Alan Thornhill. The Park is a great place to take the family and to just unwind and escape the hustle of the city.

Putney, London, also have open spaces for walking and cycling. There is a 14-mile biking route from Putney to Greenwich, the route starts on the Putney Bridge and finishes at the Cutty Sark near Greenwich. There is also a challenging walking path from Putney to Richmond, giving residents and visitors an option for physical activity. The cycling routes and walking trails add to the variety of things to do in Putney.

Next, on the list of places to see in Putney, London is the iconic St. Mary’s Church. This church has been a part of the Putney landscape since the 13th century, it was the site of the Putney debates in 1647 during the English civil war and has been a Grade II listed facility since 1955. It has undergone renovation over the years, but still, have some of the arches and pillars of the original building. A visit to this iconic church will give an insight into the history of the Anglican church and the history of the Putney area of London in general.

Finally, after visiting these interesting sites in Putney, London, you will need somewhere to have a meal and to unwind and be entertained! Putney has several lively bars and pubs to fulfill this need. The town is a hotspot for entertainment seekers. Some of the favourite pubs are Bricklayers ArmsDuke’s Head, Half Moon Putney and Citizen Smith. You will enjoy the varied cuisines during the day, and then at night, you will be thoroughly entertained at the many lively spots in the town.

Public Transportation in Putney, London

The district of Putney, London has a very efficient transportation system, inclusive of buses, tubes and trains. You will therefore easily and quickly get to any destination in Putney. Several bus routes pass through Putney, covering all the streets and locations of interest, some of the routes are Piccadilly Circus to Putney Common (number 22), Hyde Park to Putney High Street (14) and Oxford Street to Putney High Street (74). Other bus routes through Putney are 270, 220, 485 and 424.

The District line tubes also cover Putney; they stop at two stations in Putney, the Putney Bridge Station and the East Putney Station. Both stations are a few minutes away from the Putney Bridge if you are walking. There is also rail service from London Waterloo, through Clapham Junction to the Putney Rail station.

The efficient public transportation system in Putney, London is a cost-effective way to explore the many cultural, social and entertainment attractions in the town.


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